RAL Digital 5.0

RAL Digital 5.0

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  • Contains all RAL EFFECT colours, RAL CLASSIC colours and RAL DESIGN colours for graphics and CAD programs
  • Colour values include RGB, HEX, CMYK, LAB, HLC, XYZ colorimetric data
  • Inspirational colour harmony recommendations based on monochromatic, adjacent, analogous and complimentary colour combinations
  • Find the perfect colour set based on simple text descriptions of your colour needs
  • Colour search: Find RAL colours based on matches to current commonly used colour collections or compared to colorimetric values
  • Generate and store or export your own colour data for integration into most major design and CAD programs, or simple text format for document or spreadsheet analysis
  • Colour harmony – calculates harmonious colour compositions based on an original colour
  • Next RAL colour – converts the colours that correspond to an original colour into the RAL system (e.g. NCS -> RAL)
  • Colour combinations – compiles random colour combinations
  • Colour values – displays the exact Lab/HLC/RGB/HEX and CMYK colour values of all the RAL colours in RAL CLASSIC, RAL EFFECT and RAL DESIGN
  • Colour designer – colourises images using the colours required
  • Colour pipette – extracts the RGB colour values from any file type
  • Colour overviews – verify the precision of the RAL colour palettes in individual systems here
  • Palette installer – easily integrates RAL colour palettes into approx. 30 software products in the architecture and graphic design areas (Photoshop, Corel, Nemetschek and many others)
  • Complementary colours – calculates colour opposites, complementary contrasts and true harmonies
  • Brightness and saturation variations – vary the brightness and saturation level of a colour here
  • 3D colour space – displays colour systems in the CIELAB colour space

Software on flash memory for designers, architects, interior designers and everyone else who works creatively with colour. RAL DIGITAL lets you navigate your way around the entire spectrum and gamut of RAL colour space, quickly locating the perfect shade based on any and every criterion for locating the precise match or selecting beautiful harmonising colours to almost any specification. It enables integration of all 2,328 RAL colours into popular Graphics and CAD programs with simple import and export file formats.

Available for Windows or Mac.