Metal and Fabrication Prep

Oxytech’s new Panel Prep range features all the chemicals any workshop or serious home workshop needs when undertaking metal and fabrication work. The line-up includes sealants, surface preparation solutions and cutting agents.

Oxytech surface and substrate solutions are consistent and reliable, meaning you can trust they’ll always work. All Panel Prep products are locally developed using leading chemical specialists and a proven blend of high-quality chemicals.

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  • Anti-Ox: DeRuster & DeGreaser
    Oxytech’s ANTI-OX is a versatile phosphoric acid based deruster, degreaser and phosphator all in one. ANTI-OX is designed to attack rust while removing oils and contaminants from the metal surface. ANTI-OX is also suitable as a bath solution for soaking rusted parts and bolts. ..
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  • Easy Phos
    Oxytech’s EASY PHOS is a one step phosphate, degreaser and sealer for bare metal protection. EASY PHOS is specifically formulated as a pre-paint treatment for steel, galvanised steel and aluminium and is easily applied by aerosol, spray gun or brush. EASY PHOS, when dry, protects the surface from s..
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  • Easy Phos 300g Spray
    Easy Phos waterless phosphate spray comes as a disposable aerosol product and 5L & 20L liquid bulk pack. It can be brushed, sprayed or dipped and is a perfect way to seal bare steel once you’ve finished working on it, but if it’s not quite ready for epoxy primer. Waterless Phosphate Seals Ra..
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