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  • EzyClean Blue Graffiti Remover
    Remove texta, felt pen and marker from painted surfaces, metal signs and playground equipment. EzyClean Blue Graffiti Remover is a “brush on - wipe off” easy to use product designed for removing felt pen, texta, wax and crayons from painted surfaces, information signs, and plastic playgro..
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  • EzyClean Brown Graffiti Remover
    Remove old, hardened, baked-on spray paint and line marking paint from heritage buildings, bridges, monuments, landmarks and skate ramps. EzyClean Brown is specifically formulated to remove old, baked-on spray can paint and line marking paint sensitive surfaces. Ideal for use on heritage and i..
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  • EzyClean Pink Graffiti Remover
    Remove stains and shadowing left by aggressive markers and texta that have penetrated stone, concrete, granite and painted surfaces. EzyClean Pink is best described as “brilliant”. EzyClean Pink will bleach out the stains and shadows aggressive markers and texta that have penetrated stone,&nbs..
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  • EzyClean Red Graffiti Remover
    Remove spray paint and regular paint, markers, texta and ink from unpainted brick, stone, concrete and bare masonry surfaces. EzyClean Red is fast acting and easy to apply. A minimum dwell time ensures this product achieves a consistent success rate of 98%. Rinse off with a small pressure..
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  • EzyClean Supasafe Transit Graffiti Remover
    The only graffiti removal product to meet Australian ‘Non Dangerous Goods’ Criteria Non Flammable and Non Corrosive Graffiti Removal EzyClean SupaSafe Transit is the only product to use in areas of high consumer traffic such as transit vehicles, train stations, bus and tram stops. It is a..
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  • EzyCoat Gold Anti-Graffiti Coating
    A superior water based sacrificial coating that dries 100% clear. Exceptional performance on porous surfaces including stone, bare brick masonry and concrete. EzyCoat Gold is a safe and odourless 100% clear coating that is easy to apply via sprayer, roller or brush. Accelerated curing time means yo..
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