Dormant Blazing Orange

Dormant Blazing Orange

Brand: OxyColour
Product Code: OPC1007
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An orange polyester TGIC powder coating with an exclusively brilliant deep metallic effect. The brilliant, wet-look Dormant metallic effect is a two-coat system achieved by using our special, solid Dormant base coat topped with our Oxyplast Crystal Clear top coat for that amazing lustre and depth that only Dormant can offer.

Special effects powders need care when baking to avoid issues with delamination or inconsistencies in the finish. We strongly recommend curing the Dormant base coat to approximately 80% of full cure, before applying the clear coat. Under-curing or over-curing the base coat is the prime reason for poor finishes when using a Dormant powder.

Applications include automotive engine parts, sporting goods, bicycle equipment, or any other surfaces not exposed permanently to UV light.

Finish Matt
Resin Type TGIC Polyester
Colour Type 2 Coat
Clear Coating Required? Yes
Out-Gassing Tolerant? No
Qualicoat Approved? No
UV Stability Moderate
Tech Sheets
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